What makes us the best?

Years of experience
With over 25 years experience, The Specialty Nurse Company is Georgia’s leading provider of in-home nursing services. Our expert team of caregivers have benefited from years of experience assuring the very best of care for our clients.

Commitment to our patients and their families
We know each case is unique.
The Specialty Nurse Company understands the necessity of providing the very best care possible within the regulatory guidelines of our industry while assuring that the family understands the plan of care and are included in the overall planning process. The CSOP program assures that all processes are monitored on an ongoing basis to continuously improve our services.

Workers’ Compensation Specialists
The Specialty Nurse Company has over 25 years of experience providing the very best care for the most complex and “medically fragile” workers’ compensation clients. Our clinical team works closely with case managers to assure compliance with all aspects of the Service Plan, and to provide concise, timely documentation to the assigned case manager. The CSOP program allows us to share improvements made during the 90 day orientation process with our case manager partners.

Case Specific Orientation Program (CSOP)
The Specialty Nurse Company is dedicated to providing the very best in-home care available today. In order to enhance our standards of care, the Specialty Nurse Company team of clinical experts has developed a proprietary, comprehensive Case Specific Orientation Program (CSOP, pronounced “SEE-SOP”), which utilizes a 90-day plan to strengthen our orientation procedures and improve both the clinical and non-clinical aspects of client/clinician interface. All new cases are required to implement a 90 day orientation plan that will assure clear communications between management, the clinical staff, the case managers, the client, and the client’s family members.

In addition to the orientation held in the corporate offices, each new case will be evaluated, and issues specific to the case will be fully explained to all caregivers. Educational videos, a component of the JD Frazier Initiatives, shall be produced that reflect certain areas unique to the new case such as, directions, entrance to home, location of equipment and meds, unique structures in the residence, travel issues,  etc., to assure that every caregiver receives the very best orientation to the case.

The Sr. Clinical Nurse Coordinator will conduct a performance improvement survey on all phases of the new case to identify issues or concerns. A complete 90 day summary report will be submitted to the Performance Improvement Committee at the end of a 90-day period. The report will highlight initiatives that have improved the orientation process.