Community Outreach Services

In 2012, The Specialty Nurse Company and our CEO, JD Frazier, established the JD Frazier Initiatives, a community outreach program that utilizes the unique talents of Mr. Frazier in the following areas:

  • Our goal is to train clients, appropriate to their functional abilities, on how to access fundamental computer functions.Computer training – Our CEO, JD Frazier provides technical training for those with disabilities who wish to be “connected” via the internet. The goal of the computer training outreach is to train clients, appropriate to their functional abilities, on how to access fundamental computer functions (point and click, word processing, web browsing, online bill pay and email access), using modified and off-the-shelf items such as adjustable work surfaces, compact keyboards, speech software and mouth-stick applications.
  • Educational video productions – The development of educational video productions that strengthen our CSOP program by inserting case specific videos, provide educational videos to our nurses and case manager partners that are approved for CEUs, and the use of custom videos to evaluate housing structures for those individuals with disabilities who are searching for appropriate living arrangements. (View video library…)
  • Peer support –  As a certified Medicaid and Shepherd Center Peer Supporter, Mr. Frazier is uniquely qualified to provide much needed peer support to those in need of such services.
  • Housing consultation – Mr. Frazier is an expert at evaluating housing needs for those with disabilities, and locating appropriate housing that meets the needs of the individual and their families. As Chairman of Metro Fair Housing, Mr. Frazier is involved with fair housing issues throughout the State of Georgia.
  • Trust fund consultation  – As CEO of the Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund, Mr. Frazier is instrumental in providing much needed funding for special needs individuals throughout the State of Georgia.
  • CEU presentations – Our education department has developed a series of educational products with CEU certification. Presentation to nurses, case workers, therapists, etc, can be scheduled by contacting our offices at (770) 419-9151. Specific requests for additional topics can be developed into certified programs with prior notice.

The Specialty Nurse Company fully supports Mr. Frazier and the JD Frazier initiatives.