Case Specific Orientation Program (CSOP)

Our skilled nursing division provides in-home skilled nursing care. The Specialty Nurse Company’s proprietary “Case Specific Orientation Program” (CSOP, pronounced “SEE-SOP”) is a comprehensive 90-day performance improvement review process and is implemented with every new case.

The process begins with the initial interview within 24 hours of a request by you (the client or case manager), followed by a complete assessment, ordered by the physician, conducted by a registered nurse. In addition to the clinical assessment, interviews are held with the family members to determine their specific needs, concerns, and requests.

The service agreement is explained and the client and his/her family will know what we can and cannot do within the constraints of our license, and there will be a clear understanding of the family’s expectations.

Upon completion of 30 days, 60 days and 90 days, a performance improvement report will be developed by the Senior Clinical Nurse Coordinator, and reviewed by the Performance Improvement Committee. Improvement criteria is identified and implemented by the Clinical Support Nurse. Outcome reports specific to the improvement process will be reviewed and enhanced on an ongoing basis.

Our goal is to create the best in-home care environment possible for your loved one. With our proprietary CSOP we are able to balance each case by assigning the appropriate caregiver based upon factors other than just clinical aspects of the case, including personality, allergies, likes and dislikes, hobbies and other interests.