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Our company is seeking highly qualified Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) to join our clinical team. The primary responsibilities are to provide high quality service of personal care, respectful and professional Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) service, and medical treatment for our clients.

You will report to highly experienced clinical support nurses. Each CNA and LPN will enhance our competitive advantage and support firm-wide objective to increase customer satisfaction and customer retention.


Main Job Responsibilities

  1. Delivering medical treatment for clients, including taking vital signs, assessment every shift (consistent with the individual case), and medication reminding/administration.
  2. Providing personal care and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living(IADL)/Activities of Daily Living(ADL),, which account for 90% of time spent in the role:
    • Whole body care, including bathing, skin care, mouth care, hair care, seating positioning and other duties requested by clients to promote good hygiene.
    • Meal preparation and feeding as necessary
    • Equipment cleaning and appropriate housekeeping
    • Participating in various therapies, e.g., aqua therapy.
    • Assisting in ordered passive range of motion, walking or exercises (as indicated by injury level)
    • Driving clients or accompanying clients to and from appointments or shopping needs.
  3. Communicating timely and effectively with clinical managers, scheduling staff, and other staff.
  4. Filling out and turning in documentations required by the company, case managers, and doctors.




A successful candidate will:

  • Possess following credentials: current Georgia State nurse aide certificate/ current Georgia State nursing license, CPR card, driver’s license, and TB test or chest x-ray
  • Be able to use Universal Precautions, specialized equipment and wheelchairs, proper lifting techniques, and back supports.

A successful candidate may:

  • Have experience in trach/ventilator
  • Have psychological management background (education/experience)
  • Be willing to take on challenges with active involvement in problem-solving and conflict management

PS: The scope of the LPNs’ and CNAs’ job must meet the standards of Nurse Practice Act

Detailed job descriptions will be given when hired.