ROHO Finesse!


This is “How I roll” 30 years without a rehospitalization!

Love’em or Hate’em…Gotta Have’em and Maintain Them!

The basics of the ROHO depend on YOUR body, your cushion, your chair, your skin, and YOUR THERAPIST AND DOCTOR!

I (JD) provide the following as a personal experience, not as THE solution to your cushion/skin!

Skin Killers!

  1. Too much air pressure
  2. Too little air pressure
  3. bad or wrinkled cushion cover
  4. wrong cushion for you
  5. misalignment of cushion on your seat
  6. other factors: diet, hydration, diabetes, etc.

You OWN responsibility for measuring your seating arrangement and how well you tolerate sitting!

Taking a plane trip, losing or gaining weight, peeing or pooping on yourself, and other factors demand that YOU make sure that your skin and equipment are in good shape every day (sometimes twice or more a day) for the rest of your life.

See this video: